BECKHOFF Fieldbus Box: Digital Input Modules

IP100x-Bxxx, IE100x

8 Channel Digital Input (Filter 3.0 ms) 24 VDC

The IP100x digital input modules acquire the binary control signals from the process level and transmit them to the higher-level automation unit. The state of the signals is indicated by light emitting diodes. The signals are optionally connected via 8 mm snap-in plugs (IP1000), screw-in M8 connectors (IP1001) or screw-in M12 connectors (IP1002). The sensors are supplied from the control voltage US. The load voltage UP is not used in the input module, but may be connected in order to be relayed downstream.

IP100x-Bxxx, IE100x 1:

Technical data IP1000-Bxxx, IE1000 IP1001-Bxxx, IE1001 IP1002-Bxxx, IE1002
Number of inputs 8
Input connections Ø 8 snap on M8 screw-in M12 screw-in
Input filter 3.0 ms
Nominal input voltage 24 VDC (20 V ... 29 V)
Signal voltage '0' -3 V ... 5 V (EN61131-2, type 2)
Signal voltage '1' 11 V ... 30 V (EN61131-2, type 2)
Input current typical 6 mA (EN61131-2, type 2)
Sensor supply derived from the control voltage, max. 0.5 A per channel, fully short-circuit proof
Power supply Feed: 1 x M8 connector, 4-pin; downstream connection: 1 x M8 socket, 4-pin
Bits in process image 8 bits input
Electrical isolation control voltage / fieldbus: yes
channels / control voltage: no
between the channels: no
Permissible ambient temperature during operation 0°C ... +55°C
Permissible ambient temperature during storage -25 °C ... +85°C
Vibration / shock resistance conforms to EN 60068-2-6 / EN 60068-2-27
EMC resistance burst / ESD conforms to EN 61000-6-2 / EN 61000-6-4
Protection class IP65, IP66, IP67 (conforms to EN 60529)
Installation position variable

See the connection diagram for the connector pin assignment.

See the mapping description for details of the mapping.

See dimension page for weight and dimensions.