EPP6002-0002 - 2-channel serial interface (RS232 / RS422 / RS485)

Product group: EtherCAT P Box modules


EtherCAT P

EtherCAT P supplements the EtherCAT technology with a process in which communication and supply voltages are transmitted on a common line. All EtherCAT properties are retained with this process.

Two supply voltages are transmitted per EtherCAT P line. The supply voltages are electrically isolated from each other and can therefore be switched individually. The nominal supply voltage for both is 24 VDC.

EtherCAT P uses the same cable structure as EtherCAT: a 4-core Ethernet cable with M8 connectors. The connectors are mechanically coded so that EtherCAT connectors and EtherCAT P connectors cannot be interchanged.


EtherCAT P Box modules

EtherCAT P Box modules are EtherCAT P slaves with IP67 protection. They are designed for operation in wet, dirty or dusty industrial environments.

EtherCAT P
EtherCAT basics
A detailed description of the EtherCAT system can be found in the EtherCAT system documentation.