IO-Link system configuration

An IO-Link system consists of an IO-Link master, one or more IO-Link devices and sensors or actuators. The IO-Link master provides the interface to the higher-level controller and controls the communication with the connected IO-Link devices. The EP6224-xxxx IO-Link master module from Beckhoff has four IO-Link ports, each of which can be connected to an IO-Link-Device. IO-Link is therefore not a fieldbus, but a peer-to-peer connection (see figure below).

IO-Link system configuration 1:
IO-Link overview: Peer-to-peer communication

The connected IO-Link devices have individual parameter information, which is detected during automatic scanning with TwinCAT and transferred to the System Manager (see chapter "Basic function principles", integration of IO-Link devices). Module-specific information can be imported offline in the form of an IO-Link Device Description (IODD) and transferred to TwinCAT.