EPI1xxx, ERI1xxx - IO-Link box modules with digital inputs

IO-Link basics

IO-Link represents a communication system for the connection of intelligent sensors and actuators to an automation system in the IEC 61131-9 standard under the designation "Single-drop digital communication interface for small sensors and actuators" (SDCI).
The electrical connection data and the communication protocol are standardized and summarized in the IO-Link specification.

IO-Link specification
The development of the EP6224-xxxxxx was based on IO-Link specification 1.1. At the time of the preparation of this documentation, the IO-Link specification is entering the IEC standardization and will be adopted in extended form as IEC 61131-9. The new designation SDCI will be introduced at the same time. As a member of the respective committee, Beckhoff supports the development of IO-Link and reflects changes to the specification in its products.
Additional information
IO-Link system configuration
Establishment of IO-Link communication
Device description IODD
Parameter server
Data transfer rate