EJ9400 - Power supply plug-in module for E-bus, 2.5 A

EJ9400 - Pinout

EJ9400 - Pinout

The pcb footprint can be downloaded from the Beckhoff homepage.

Damage to devices possible!
The pins named with "NC" must not be connected.
Before installation and commissioning read the chapters Installation of EJ modules and Commissioning!

Reset function

EJ940x - Reset button

To be able to use the optional reset function, the Reset SW1 and Reset SW2 pins of the module need to be connected to a push button of choice. By shortly pressing this button, both pins will be connected. Hereby the ground signal (connected to Reset SW1), will be detected by the reset input of the module, (connected to Reset SW2). As a result of this, the power module will restart.


Using the EJ940x power supply plug-in modules for E-bus refresh

The power requirement of the module strand is displayed in the TwinCAT System Manager (see Current consumption of the EJ modules from the E-bus).

Damaging, uncontrolled behavior or collapsing possible
When the maximum output current of the EtherCAT Coupler (e.g. EJ1100) is insufficient, the EJ940x power supply plug-in module can be placed in the same circuit.
To avoid negative influence, like damaging, uncontrolled behavior and collapsing, caused by using different power supply plug-in modules
power sources must be separated from each other (see following illustrations).
Using the EJ9400 power supply plug-in module for E-bus refresh
Using the EJ9404 power supply plug-in module for E-bus refresh