EJ7342 - 2-channel DC motor output stage 50 V DC, 3.5A

EJ7342 - Firmware compatibility


Beckhoff EtherCAT devices are delivered with the latest available firmware version. Compatibility of firmware and hardware is mandatory; not every combination ensures compatibility. The overview below shows the hardware versions on which a firmware can be operated.


It is recommended to use the newest possible firmware for the respective hardware
Beckhoff is not under any obligation to provide customers with free firmware updates for delivered products.
Risk of damage to the device!
Pay attention to the instructions for firmware updates on the separate page.
If a device is placed in BOOTSTRAP mode for a firmware update, it does not check when downloading whether the new firmware is suitable.
This can result in damage to the device! Therefore, always make sure that the firmware is suitable for the hardware version!
Hardware (HW)
Firmware (FW)
Revision No.
Release date
02 - 06*

*) This is the current compatible firmware/hardware version at the time of the preparing this documentation. Check on the Beckhoff website whether more up-to-date documentation is available.