EJ73x2 - 2-channel DC motor output stage



The parameterization takes place via two tabs in the TwinCAT System Manager:

Process data tab (A) for the settings specific to communication and
changes to the process data-specific settings are generally only effective after a restart of the EtherCAT master:
restart TwinCAT in RUN or CONFIG mode; RELOAD in CONFIG mode
Online CoE directory (B) for settings in the slave.
Changes to the online CoE directory
are in general immediately effective.
are in general stored non-volatile only in the slave and should therefore be entered in the CoE StartUp list. This list is processed at each EtherCAT start and the settings are loaded into the slave.
Availability of the online CoE directory
Not every EtherCAT device must have an online CoE directory. Simple I/O modules without dedicated processor usually have no variable parameters and therefore no CoE list.
Parameterization taking the EJ3004 as an example