EJ6224 - IO-Link Module

Updating controller firmware *.efw

CoE directory
The Online CoE directory is managed by the controller and stored in a dedicated EEPROM, which is generally not changed during a firmware update.

Switch to the Online tab to update the controller firmware of a slave, see Fig. Firmware Update.

Firmware Update

Proceed as follows, unless instructed otherwise by Beckhoff support. Valid for TwinCAT 2 and 3 as EtherCAT master.

Switch TwinCAT system to ConfigMode/FreeRun with cycle time >= 1 ms (default in ConfigMode is 4 ms). A FW-Update during real time operation is not recommended.
 MS_VS__Load_IO_Device  MS_VS__Activate_Free_Run
Switch EtherCAT Master to PreOP
Switch slave to INIT (A)
Switch slave to BOOTSTRAP
Check the current status (B, C)
Download the new *efw file (wait until it ends). A pass word will not be neccessary usually.
After the download switch to INIT, then PreOP
Switch off the slave briefly (don't pull under voltage!)
Check within CoE 0x100A, if the FW status was correctly overtaken.