EJ2521-0224 - 1-channel pulse train output module 24 V DC

Installation on the signal distribution board

EJ modules are installed on the signal distribution board. The electrical connections between coupler and EJ modules are realized via the pin contacts and the signal distribution board.


The EJ components must be installed in a control cabinet or enclosure which must provide protection against fire hazards, environmental conditions and mechanical impact.

 SmallWarningYellow WARNING
Risk of injury through electric shock and damage to the device!
Bring the module system into a safe, de-energized state before starting installation, disassembly or wiring of the modules.
Risk of damage to components through electrostatic discharge!
Observe the regulations for ESD protection.
Installation of EJ modules
A1 / A2
Latching lugs top / bottom
C1 / C2
Mounting holes
B1 / B2
Coding pins
D1 / D2
Coding holes

To install the modules on the signal distribution board proceed as follows:

Before the installation, ensure that the signal distribution board is securely connected to the mounting surface. Installation on an unsecured signal distribution board may result in damage to the board.
If necessary, check whether the positions of the coding pins (B) match the corresponding holes in the signal distribution board (D).
Compare the device name on the module with the information in the installation drawing.
Press the upper and the lower mounting tabs simultaneously and push the module onto the board while gently moving it up and down, until the module is latched securely.
The required contact pressure can only be established and the maximum current carrying capacity ensured if the module is latched securely.
Use placeholder modules (EJ9001) to fill gaps in the module strand.
During installation ensure safe latching of the modules on the signal distribution board! The consequences of inadequate contact pressure include:
loss of quality of the transferred signals,
increased power dissipation of the contacts,
impairment of the service life.