EJ1128 - 8-Channel Digital Input Module 5 V DC / 3.3 V DC

EJ1128 - Switching characteristics

The input circuit of the EJ1128 EtherCAT plug-in module is optimized for fast signal changes and for the fastest possible signal acquisition.

It should be borne in mind that the input circuit does not include any filtering. It has been optimized for the fastest possible signal transmission from the input to the evaluation unit. Fast level changes or pulses in the µs range therefore reach the evaluation unit unfiltered or unattenuated.
If necessary, use shielded cables in order to eliminate interference from the surroundings!
The sensor/signal transducer must be able to generate sufficiently steep signal edges. To ensure that the signal reaches the terminal with a sufficiently steep edge in spite of capacitive or inductive cable losses,
use a power supply unit that has sufficient buffer reserves!