EJ1008 - 8-channel digital input module 24 V DC, 3 ms

IPC integration


Connection of CX and EL terminals via the EK1110-0043 EtherCAT EJ Coupler

The EK1110-0043 EtherCAT EJ Coupler connects the compact DIN-rail PCs of the CX series and attached EtherCAT Terminals (ELxxxx) with the EJ modules on the signal distribution board.

The EK1110-0043 is supplied from the power supply unit of the Embedded PC.
The E-bus signals and the supply voltage of the field side UP are routed directly to the PCB via a plug connector at the rear of the EtherCAT EJ Coupler.

Due to the direct coupling of the Embedded PC and the EL terminals with the EJ modules on the PCB, no EtherCAT extension (EK1110) or EtherCAT Coupler (EJ1100) is required.

The Embedded PC can be expanded with EtherCAT Terminals that are not yet available in the EJ system, for example.

Example PCB with Embedded PC, EK1110-0043 and EJxxxx, rear view EK1110-0043

Connection of C6015 / C6017 via the EJ110x-00xx EtherCAT Coupler

Thanks to their ultra-compact design and versatile mounting options, the C6015 and C6017 IPCs are ideally suited for connection to an EJ system.

In combination with the ZS5000-0003 mounting set, it is possible to place the C6015 and C6017 IPCs compactly on the signal distribution board.
The EJ system is optimally connected to the IPC via the corresponding EtherCAT cable (see following Fig. [A]).
The IPC can be supplied directly via the signal distribution board using the enclosed power plug (see Fig. [B] below).

Positioning on the signal distribution board
The dimensions and distances for placement and other details can be found in the Design Guide and the documentation for the individual components.

The figure below shows the connection of a C6015 IPC to an EJ system as an example. The components shown are schematic, to illustrate the functionality.

Example for the connection of a C6015 IPC to an EJ system