Beckhoff Embedded PC



The following documentation for Embedded PC CX is available:

first steps
basic CPU hardware description
basic CPU hardware description
basic CPU hardware description
power supplies for CX10x0
UPS modules for CX10x0
profibus fieldbusmodule for CX10x0
CAN-Open feldbusmodule for CX10x0
Sercos feldbusmodul for CX10x0
basic CPU hardware description
power supply for CX2020 and CX2030
power supply for CX20x0 and CX20x2
Power supply unit with integrated capacitive UPS.
Power supply unit with electronic charging unit for battery pack
audio interface for CX20x0
RS232 serial interface for CX20x0
RS485 / RS422 serial interface for CX20x0
Gigabit Ethernet interface for CX20x0
PoE Gigabit Ethernet interface for CX20x0
USB3.0 interface for CX20x0
CFast ext. interface for CX20x0
SATA HDD/SSD ext. interface for CX20x0
USB ext. interface for CX20x0
CX50x0 / CX51x0
hardware description
hardware description
Embedded-PC with EtherCAT-Slave interface
Embedded-PC with Profibus interface
Embedded-PC with CAN Open interface
Embedded-PC with serial RS323/RS485 interface
Embedded-PC with ethernet interface
Embedded-PC with BACnet / UPC UA interface
Embedded-PC with PROFINET interface
Embedded-PC with Ethernet/IP interface
Embedded-PC with Ethernet interface
CX900x / CX9010 / CX9020
hardware description
hardware description
Further documents
Notes on usage of CX50x0 systems in explosion hazardous areas
see www.beckhoff.com download area
CXxxxx software description