BECKHOFF CX1020 / CX1030: BIOS Setup: IDE Primary Master


IDE Primary Master

This menu is used for setting the data of the first hard disk connected to the IDE bus as master. The hard disk data (size, number of cylinders, heads, sectors, pre-compensation and home position of the heads when the disk is switched off) are displayed automatically for the connected hard disk.



Phoenix - AwardBIOS CMOS Setup Utility

IDE Primary Master

IDE HDD Auto-Detection [Press Enter] Item       Help
IDE Primary Master [Auto]  
Access Mode [Auto]  
Capacity 0 MB  
Head 0  
Precomp 0  
Landing Zone 0  
Sector 0  

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IDE HDD Auto-Detection:

Automatic detection of the hard disk is initiated by pressing the <Enter> key. After a few seconds the physical data of the connected hard disk should be displayed in the lower section of the menu.

IDE Primary Master:

This parameter is used for configuring the IDE bus. The following options are available:

Access Mode:

This option can be used to select the operating system for the hard disk. Setting options: CHS, LBA, LARGE, or Auto. Auto is the recommended setting. Normal (standard) mode supports hard disks with a capacity of up to 528 MB. This mode uses positions for data access that are specified via cylinders (CYLS), heads, and sectors. The older LBA (Logical Block Addressing) mode can support hard disks with a capacity of up to 8.4 GB. This mode uses a different method for calculating the position disk data to be accessed. It translates cylinders, heads and sectors into a logical address for the data location. Large hard disks support this mode. The BIOS supports the INT 13h extension function that enables the LBA mode to manage hard disk drives with a capacity of more than 8.4 GB. If the number of cylinders (CYLs) on the hard disk exceeds 1024 and DOS cannot support it, or if your operating system does not support LBA mode, LARGE mode should be selected. The following options are available for setting the hard disk access mode:

The following parameters are automatically determined and displayed.


Storage capacity of the hard disk. This value is calculated from the individual hard disk parameters.



Define or set the number of cylinders. Depending on the BIOS version and the manufacturer it varies between 1,024 and 16,384 cylinders.



Define or set the number of heads. The number is between 1 and 16 heads.



Write pre-compensation, required for older hard disks. This parameter specifies the cylinder from which a difference in the information density is to be expected.


Landing Zone

This parameter defines the so-called landing zone or park cylinder. This is the resting position for the hard disk head when the hard disk motor is switched off.



Define or set the number of sectors per track. Up to 63 sectors are supported, for Phoenix up to 64.