Embedded-PC: Beckhoff Service Tool

Supported Platforms

The Beckhoff Service Tool only supports the following hardware and software platforms.

Software platforms:

Supported Platforms:

Embedded PC's and IPC types Support since BST Version
CX1010 1.0.x.x
CX1020 1.0.x.x
CX1030 1.0.x.x
CX5010 1.0.x.x
CX5020 1.0.x.x
CX2020 1.7.x.x
CX2030 1.7.x.x
CX2040 1.7.x.x
C33xx-0020 1.4.x.x
C33xx-0030 1.4.x.x
C36xx-0020 1.4.x.x
C36xx-0030 1.4.x.x
C5101-0020 1.4.x.x
C5101-0030 1.4.x.x
C5101-0040 1.4.x.x
C5101-0050 1.7.x.x
C5102-0020 1.4.x.x
C5102-0030 1.4.x.x
C5210-0000 1.4.x.x
C5210-0010 1.7.x.x
C5520-0020 1.4.x.x
C5520-0030 1.4.x.x
C5540-0020 1.4.x.x
C5540-0030 1.4.x.x
C6110-0020 1.4.x.x
C6110-0030 1.4.x.x
C6110-0040 1.4.x.x
C6120-0020 1.4.x.x
C6120-0030 1.4.x.x
C6120-0040 1.4.x.x
C6130-0020 1.4.x.x
C6130-0030 1.4.x.x
C6140-0020 1.4.x.x
C6140-0030 1.4.x.x
C6140-0040 1.4.x.x
C6140-0050 1.7.x.x
C6150-0020 1.4.x.x
C6150-0030 1.4.x.x
C6150-0040 1.5.x.x
C6150-0050 1.7.x.x
C6210-0020 1.4.x.x
C6210-0030 1.4.x.x
C6210-0040 1.4.x.x
C6220-0020 1.4.x.x
C6220-0030 1.4.x.x
C6220-0040 1.4.x.x
C6240-0020 1.4.x.x
C6240-0030 1.4.x.x
C6240-0040 1.5.x.x
C6240-0050 1.7.x.x
C6250-0030 1.4.x.x
C6250-0040 1.4.x.x
C6250-0050 1.5.x.x
C6250-0060 1.7.x.x
C63xx-0030 1.4.x.x
C63xx-0040 1.4.x.x
C63xx-0050 1.4.x.x
C65xx-0000 1.0.x.x
C65xx-0010 1.0.x.x
C65xx-0020 1.4.x.x
C65xx-0030 1.4.x.x
C65xx-0040 1.7.x.x
C6640-0000 1.4.x.x
C6640-0010 1.4.x.x
C6640-0020 1.5.x.x
C6640-0030 1.7.x.x
C6650-0010 1.4.x.x
C6650-0020 1.5.x.x
C6650-0030 1.7.x.x
C6915-0000 1.4.x.x
C6920-0000 1.0.x.x
C6920-0010 1.0.x.x
C6920-0020 1.0.x.x
C6920-0030 1.5.x.x
C6920-0040 1.7.x.x
C6925-0000 1.0.x.x
C6930-0000 1.0.x.x
C6930-0010 1.4.x.x
C6930-0020 1.0.x.x
C6930-0030 1.5.x.x
C6930-0040 1.7.x.x
CP62xx-xxxx-0000 1.4.x.x
CP62xx-xxxx-0010 1.4.x.x
CP62xx-xxxx-0020 1.4.x.x
CP62xx-xxxx-0030 1.4.x.x
CP63xx-xxxx-0020 1.4.x.x
CP63xx-xxxx-0030 1.4.x.x
CP64xx-xxxx-0010 1.4.x.x
CP64xx-xxxx-0030 1.4.x.x
CP64xx-xxxx-0040 1.4.x.x
CP65xx-xxxx-0040 1.4.x.x
CP65xx-xxxx-0050 1.4.x.x
CP67xx-xxxx-0020 1.4.x.x
CP71xx-xxxx-0040 1.4.x.x
CP71xx-xxxx-0050 1.4.x.x
CP72xx-xxxx-0000 1.4.x.x
CP72xx-xxxx-0010 1.4.x.x
CP72xx-xxxx-0020 1.4.x.x
CP77xx-xxxx-0020 1.4.x.x
CP77xx-xxxx-0030 1.4.x.x



The Beckhoff Service Tool runs only on the supported devices and is not depending on BIOS or Hardware Version!