BECKHOFF Fieldbus Components: Addressing

Address Configuration via BootP Server

If the address is to be set by the Beckhoff BootP server, then set DIP switch 9 to ON (1) and DIP switch 10 to OFF (0). DIP switches 1-8 then no longer have any address function. If this is not the case, the Bus Coupler will report LED error code 6 -4. The TCP/IP ERROR LED flashes while the address is being allocated.

IP address save modes

DIP switches 1-8 in the ON position

The address assigned by the BootP server is stored, and the BootP service will not be restarted after the next cold start.
The address can be cleared again by reactivating the manufacturers' settings (using the KS2000 software or by DIP switch and end terminal).

DIP switches 1-8 in the OFF position

The IP address assigned by the BootP server is only valid until the Bus Coupler is switched off. The BootP server must assign a new IP address to the Bus Coupler at the next cold start.
The address is, however, retained through a software reset of the Bus Coupler.

Beckhoff BootP server

Beckhoff supply a BootP server for Windows 98, ME, NT4.0, NT2000 and XP. You find the installation version on the Beckhoff TwinCAT CD folder >Unsupported Utilities< or


As soon as the BootP server has started, the New MAC Address window shows all the Beckhoff nodes that are working in BootP mode and still have not received an IP address. The assignment of the MAC-ID to IP address is made with the "<<" button. Successful assignment is displayed in the log window.
To start the BootP server automatically when your PC boots, it is only necessary to provide a shortcut in the Windows autostart folder. Include the /Start parameter in the shortcut (.../TcBootPDlg.exe/start).